Presented by the ABA Journal and the North Carolina Bar Association, #HackcesstoJusticeNC is your opportunity to use your legal, entrepreneurial, coding and other skills to help North Carolina’s legal aid community by creating a technology-enabled solution for the numerous challenges faced by citizens who cannot afford a lawyer and the lawyers trying to serve them.

These legal aid organizations and their lawyers want your help to improve the delivery of legal aid services to North Carolina’s  population by, generally, making information about who they serve and the kind of services they provide more available to the public and, more specifically, helping them use their limited resources more efficiently while serving the unique needs of their clients.

Representatives from legal aid organizations throughout North Carolina and other lawyers and legal professionals will be on site to discuss the unique issues that they and their clients face and the types of solutions they seek.

Or, if you have your own idea to help legal aid lawyers better use their limited resources and more effectively serve their clients, bring it to life at #HackcesstoJusticeNC.

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Anyone may enter, but in order to be eligible for a prize, participants must be U.S. citizens or legal residents and have a valid social security number. 


We are challenging individuals and  teams to create a technology-enabled solution to meet the unique needs of North Carolina's legal aid community. 

Submissions can be anything that is technology-enabled: an app, a website, code, software, etc.

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$3,000 in prizes

1st Place

Cash prize to the top three finishers will be awarded

2nd Place

3rd Place

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

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Tom Brooke

Tom Brooke
Brooke & Brooke

Kevin P. Lee

Kevin P. Lee
Associate Professor of Law

Hon. Barbara Jackson

Hon. Barbara Jackson
Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court

Bill O’Boyle

Bill O’Boyle
Senior Manager of Business Development, Citrix

Judging Criteria

    -Does the final product work? -How close to completion is the submission? -How user friendly is the submission for its intended audience?
    -How unique and innovative is the entry? -Is it distinguishable from other products or services available in the market today?
    -What problem does the finished product address/solve? -How critical is the need that the product addresses? -Does the submission have any ability to grow or change over time?
    Overall Creativity and General Appeal

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